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POC’s Omne Air SPIN and POCito Omne SPIN Target Cost-Conscious Consumers who Seek Premium Features

POC is a brand known for producing some of the highest quality ski and bike helmets, as well as for its high-end price tag. With the majority of POC’s adult helmets exceeding the $200 price point, the Omne Air SPIN helmet is a welcome addition to their lineup, coming in at a refreshing $150. As a bonus, parents can celebrate that the newly released POCito Omne SPIN is only $90.

POC Omne Air Spin - Antimony Blue
The POC Omne Air SPIN

For Your Daily Ride

With the Omne Air SPIN, POC brings a well-rounded, well-priced helmet to the table. This helmet is not targeted towards the ultra-serious cyclist, but instead to the recreational rider or daily commuter. Grind some gravel. Ride to work. Hit an XC trail here or there. Ride with the kiddos on the path. Cruise 100 miles in your local charity ride. Grind some epic gravel. This helmet does it all.

Though the Omne is not the kind of helmet that POC subjects to extensive wind-tunnel testing, the aerodynamic styling is clean and modern, with ample ventilation for the average rider. The Omne is lightweight and has a pretty neutral fit compared to some of POC’s other helmets (which typically have a more rounded shape). Subjectively, this helmet seems to fit most people pretty well.

Distinguished Features

Like most cycling helmets, the Omne Air SPIN and POCito Omne SPIN use an EPS liner as the primary energy management material, which (of course) works really well. However, POC is also using an additional technology in this helmet to help manage rotational forces. They call it “SPIN” which stands for “Shearing Pad INside”. The SPIN technology replaces the typical pads in the helmet that separate the EPS foam from your head, with high-grade silicone pads that are designed to offer more protection from oblique impacts. In certain kinds of angled impacts, the pads shear (or spinning) in a way that is meant to ultimately reduce the forces transferred to the brain.

POC’s SPIN technology is often compared to MIPS, a similar helmet feature that is available from numerous other brands. Though POC previously put MIPS in their helmets, they now use their own proprietary SPIN technology. The debate on which is better is ongoing, but both technologies allow for calculated rotation under force and are meant to reduce the severity of oblique impacts.

Right Price, Right Fit

POCito Omne Spin - Fluorescent Orange
POCito Omne SPIN

Currently, this is the most affordable adult helmet that you can get with SPIN technology and the only youth bike helmet that has SPIN. As is the norm for POC, the colorways are mostly high-visibility and the POCito is accented with reflective detailing designed to make the little ones even more obvious.

As always, the best way to make sure the Omne is right for you or your kiddo, is to TRY IT ON!

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