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Helmet Fitting

Have our Experts size you up – find the helmet that best fits your uniquely shaped head. We’ll get a good measurement and an idea of your head shape, then we’ll try on some helmets. We’ll adjust our recommendations by how they feel on your head and make sure you leave with a perfectly fitting helmet that doesn’t have any gaps or pressure points.

If you’ve had a hard time finding a comfortable helmet because you think your head is “too big” or a “funny shape” come on in and we’ll do our best to change your mind and find the perfect helmet for you.

Optics Integration

Not just helmet experts – we’re optics experts, too.

Bring in your existing goggles or sunglasses so you can guarantee compatibility with your new helmet. If you’re due for new optics, you can also try a pair from our extensive selection of goggles and sunglasses.

Whether you’re looking for peak performance, awesome style,  or both, our Experts are here to help you find the best fitting frames and the ideal lenses for you and your life.

Expert Advice

Our Expert staff are passionate about the outdoors and love the same sports you do.

We’re here to help you find solutions that keep you safe and comfortable on the mountain.

If peak performance is your priority, we’ll tailor our recommendations for products designed to help you go faster, longer, and stronger.

From replacement parts to foggy lenses and pressure point headaches, if you have any questions about your gear, just ask!

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